Clarity, Multiple Times per Day

Frank Corrigan
Growth / Analytics

You know that feeling after you have a conversation with a mentor or advisor where you have clarity in your thinking and you know what to do next?

Storied has created technology to get you to that place multiple times per day. If you are thinking this is another chatbot, you are wrong. In order to get to that place, you need 3 things; dynamic questioning, an altered communication medium, and a way to share the clarity. 

Executive coaches understand the art of asking a great question. Effectively, that’s their job; to help you get to clarity. A snapshot from Storied’s dynamic questioning prototype:

To get clarity, you need to alter your state: either the environment (i.e. desk vs. walking) or your mode (i.e. typing vs. speaking) or both. That’s how you achieve clarity multiple times per day. 

Finally, most activities benefit from having an end goal. Getting to clarity is no exception. Capturing your dialogue and automatically transforming that into a written doc that can be shared with your colleagues is the final component of this trifecta.

When you achieve clear thinking, things get easier. You become more effective. Maybe not everyone wants this; some might prefer mediocrity in their work. Not us. Not you.

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