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5 minutes to prepare a meeting plan that helps you sound awesome in your next meeting.

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You decide how the meeting will go...

These shocking statistics aren't physical laws; individuals can take back control of their engagement with Storied.
of employees complain that meetings are the biggest time-waster at work
of employees time spend each month in unproductive meetings
in aggregate cost attributed to wasted productivity on meetings

Storied revolutionizes the process

Storied's voice-to-writing system significantly streamlines meeting preparation.
No desk or keyboard.

You can reflect and plan while walking
You can reflect and plan while commuting
You can reflect and plan while driving
You can reflect and plan while enjoying a moment on your porch

Storied guides you to the most important

This ensures you enter the meeting not only with clarity but with well-organized, actionable insights.

Still thinking about winging your next meeting?

Storied is not just a tool - it's a paradigm shift in how to approach meetings
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