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The story of what it takes to go from a crazy idea to making a big business deal!


Introduction to Our User: Noel Burkman

Noel Burkman, a visionary dyslexic leader, has a rich history of innovation and leadership across various industries. He had success early in his career in Silicon Valley and eventually took on multiple marketing and consulting roles. As a dyslexic thinker, Noel has a unique ability to see the big picture and the connections between different ideas. To overcome the challenges of dyslexia, Noel has harnessed a range of tools to enhance his communication and leadership skills.

turning point

Discovering Vnote

In his quest for tools that complement his neurodiversity, Noel discovered Vnote —an app designed for dyslexic thinkers to articulate complex ideas. Vnote voice-to-text feature allowed him to bypass typing difficulties, while its questioning system helped refine his thoughts. As an early tester, Noel experimented with Vnote workflows, finding them invaluable for expressing intricate concepts.

business need

A Brief Hiatus and a Business Need

Although Noel briefly reverted to his old habits, a compelling business opportunity prompted his return to using Vnote. He envisioned spinning off a digital asset into a new company, integrating it with a novel sales & marketing process, and acquiring another company to bolster the venture. The timing was everything. Noel believed in his vision, but there were a lot of complex pieces that had to come together. To get the deal done, he had to do a lot of high-quality communication in a very short period of time.

Collaboration with Vnote

Collaboration with Vnote

Noel reached out to Vnote CEO, Nick Koshnick, who ensured the company would stand by its data security guarantees and provide reliability support if something went wrong. Noel started using Vnote  almost daily, crafting concise documents to engage stakeholders.

A major success

A Turning Point

Noel sent a write-up for part of their investor pitch to one of his partners. Not long after, he received a call. His partner wanted him to walk through his process for how he got there. Noel was a bit worried. Why did he want to know? His partner said it was because it was probably the most concise organization of his thoughts that he’d ever seen. The doc he sent was created by Vnote, transcribed, and reorganized from Noel's free-form spoken words. His dedication to the tool was paying off.

Getting Buy-in

Getting Buy-in

The biggest challenge was getting the owners of the digital asset on board. They were experts in the industry and needed to hear more details than external investors before they would agree to sell off something they had developed. They needed to believe in more than the vision. They needed the details and the complete business plan. Noel used the Vnote app to bring industry partners on board. He also used Vnote to communicate aspects to illustrators who could build visuals to strengthen the pitch. After hours of work, the written product was delivered to the owners, and he got them to sign off.

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Noel's success story with Vnote is a testament to the power of the right tools in realizing complex visions. He secured the asset owners' agreement, engaged with the target acquisition company, and attracted investment partners. He also used the tool to motivate the team. They met over the holidays to celebrate the new venture. Vnote stood by Noel as a partner, helping him do more with his limited time.

The Moral

The Moral

Noel Burkman’s journey underscores that even the most complex ideas can be brought to fruition when leaders have access to the right resources. Vnote acts as a catalyst for visionaries who are determined to pursue their goals, providing a platform for clear communication and strategic planning. It enables hardworking and ambitious people to create the future they want to see.

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