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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Vnote unique from other writing aids?

Unlike generic writing aids that focus solely on grammar or style, Vnote is built around the needs of busy leaders. It combines voice recognition, AI-driven content organization, and editing tools tailored to streamline the writing process for those who excel verbally. Vnote isn't just about writing better; it's about thinking, creating, and communicating more effectively.


Can I edit the writing I get?

Sure. You can do it manually or use the Edit with AI toolbar. Pay special attention to Describe changes - this magic tool works like a Chat GPT for your email - just tell it what it should do with your email and it will do it!


How can I get the most out of Vnote?

Dive into the full suite of Vnote features by exploring our Examples page and crash course video. Experiment with voice dictation, use the organizational tools to structure your thoughts, and customize the settings to match your workflow. The key to maximizing is to integrate it as a natural extension of your thought process.


Is there a Vnote app available in the App store / Google Play Market?

Vnote isn’t published in any app stores, but you can install it as a PWA on your smartphone for quick access. Click here to get the instruction for Android.


How do I report an issue or get support?

If you need assistance or wish to report an issue, our support team is at your service via our help portal, email, or direct phone support. We're dedicated to providing swift, effective solutions to ensure your experience with remains smooth and productive. Send us a message: