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The transition from not being understood to writing a widely read newsletter every day.


Introduction to Our User: Matt Ivey

Matt Ivey is an extraordinary figure in the world of advocacy for dyslexic individuals. As the founder of Dyslexic.ai, Matt is dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with dyslexia through modern AI tools such as chatGPT, Vnote, Otter.ai, Grammarly, and Midjourney. Despite never identifying as a writer, Matt has cultivated a unique approach to communication, producing a widely read newsletter that reaches over 1,000 people daily. His story is one of resilience, innovation, and the creation of a unique support system that amplifies his productivity and creativity.

turning point

Embracing Vnote: A Turning Point

Matt's path intersected with Vnote at a pivotal moment. Working remotely and balancing the responsibilities of a stay-at-home dad, Matt found traditional written communication challenging, often feeling sidelined in team interactions. His initial skepticism towards AI tools was overturned by the multimodal capabilities of Vnote. The realization that Vnote could facilitate an auditory method of composition led to an epiphany, transforming his approach to writing and idea generation.

cyborg support

Vnote as a Cyborg Support System

Matt's engagement with Vnote marked the beginning of a new era in his work life. He describes his morning routine as a seamless flow of coffee and conversation with Vnote allowing him to articulate his thoughts without the constraints of typing. This process not only accommodates his pace but also enhances his ability to refine and distill ideas into impactful messages. Vnote plays a crucial role in ensuring Matt's newsletters are both concise and compelling, freeing his audience from unnecessary complexity.

Impact and Achievements

Impact and Achievements

The impact of Vnote on Matt's productivity and communication is profound. From an AI skeptic to a prolific newsletter writer, Matt's evolution is a testament to the transformative power of the right tools. His newsletter, initially planned as a weekly output, has become a daily source of inspiration and insight, with over 182 issues published to date. This remarkable output underscores the potential of Vnote i to unlock new levels of achievement for dyslexic thinkers and visionary leaders alike.

continued cooperation

Future Horizons

Matt Ivey stands at the forefront of innovation for the dyslexic community, demonstrating that limitations can be redefined with the right support. His journey from resisting AI to embracing Vnote as a cornerstone of his creative process highlights the app's role not just as a tool, but as a partner in realizing ambitious goals. As Matt continues to inspire through his newsletters, his story serves as a beacon for others, proving that challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth and leadership.

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