Get Clear in the New Year

Frank Corrigan
Growth / Analytics

Imagine what you could achieve if you could make it 10x easier for people to consume what you need to communicate. With the blink of an eye, they would understand your intent and know what to do. You could have more time to make connections and develop relationships. Lots of things can change that might make that dream a reality. However, the change you should bet on is the change in your own behavior. How can you become the catalyst for this in 2023?

Large language models, which are a core component of the Storied platform, will be giving people this superpower in the very near future. Here is a good example. In mid-December I was organizing an update for one of our top priorities. The content was good, but too long. The probability of anyone, let alone a leader that’s underwater with email, would successfully digest the contents was very low.

Then I recorded my thoughts on my notes. As I spoke, I got more clear on the most important points and emphasized that with my words. Then I used our model to draft an email that was easy to read. The result uses sections and bullet points so anyone can consume the information in the blink of an eye.

At this point, you’ve probably heard the opinion that AI is at a turning point. It’s our belief that voice-to-writing is a major contributor in that evolution. The only thing holding you back now, is you.

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