Paradox of Meeting Prep

Frank Corrigan
Growth / Analytics

Your first productivity hack for 2024; use Storied for super efficient meeting prep. I've written about the whys below, but you can dive right in by clicking here 👇

Questions and output hand-crafted for meeting prep

Why is this important to me?

I still hear smart individuals say things like this: “There are so many meetings. If everyone is in these meetings all the time, who’s doing the work?” The answer lies upstream. It lies in the preparation.

As we navigate the complexities of workplace efficiency, one aspect often stands out in its paradoxical nature: the preparation for meetings. It's a universal experience — the more we prepare, the more we feel in control, the shorter the meeting needs to be. Yet, this preparation can sometimes overshadow the meetings themselves in time and effort.

Consider the startling statistics: 47% of employees view meetings as the top time-waster, and on average, 31 hours are lost each month in unproductive meetings. There's some hyperbole in these numbers, but aren't they enough to prompt us to try something different?

Now, wouldn't it be awesome if everyone showed up to a meeting with a 1-pager outlining their ideas on the meeting topic? And they didn't spend all morning creating it...

In 5 minutes with Storied, you get clarity with AI-generated Socratic questions so you are not scrambling for your messy ideas during the meeting. And since Storied is voice-first, you can do this prep while  walking or grabbing a snack.

Echoing the wisdom of Matt Mochary in "The Great CEO Within," we believe that efficient preparation saves time not just for you, but for everyone involved in the meeting. The tiny effort you put into preparing with Storied multiplies in its benefits, reducing groupthink and unproductive discussions.

Are you still thinking about winging your next meeting? With Storied, transform the way you prepare, ensuring that every meeting is a step towards productive collaboration and decision-making.

Pretty soon, smart individuals will be asking "how come we've had our best year ever, and we had half as many meetings?" 😉

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