Speaking is the 1st Draft

Frank Corrigan
Growth / Analytics

David Perell offers this wisdom in his Ultimate Guide to Writing Online: Speaking is the first draft of thought. I often struggle to structure ideas when I’m writing about them. But once I start to speak, words have a way of coming together (source).

Remote and hybrid work is dominated by written communication (source).

Unfortunately, millions of people don’t have a sounding board (in human form) to speed them toward that first draft of thought. This problem has only gotten worse with the shift to remote work. Even in 2016, 73% of employers said strong written communication skills makes a candidate more favorable (source). With the new remote world, we need another way to get to strong written communication quickly.

Many generative-AI companies are trying to help you create signal from noise. There’s a written mess in front of you, and they are trying to help you clean it up. This is great for highlighting essential points, but you still need to turn those into a coherent narrative. Only then, will you achieve communication.

Remember, Perell teaches us that once you start to speak, words have a way of coming together. To get to meaningful written correspondence as quickly as possible, start by talking. Here is our approach: answer a series of questions with voice, automatically turn that into a written artifact(s) with large language models, and share that meaningful information through multiple channels.

As we prepare this Storied feature (voice into writing), you can get a sense of what the experience feels like in this Loom video.

Storied Update Jan 2023 - Watch Video

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