5 Ways Storied Accelerates Sales

When it comes to sales, one of the most critical things to get right is clear thinking that leads to clear communication. For someone in a sales position, it’s more important than ever to nail clear written communication. The prevalence of emails and electronic document sharing has never been greater. Poor writing makes an impression. It makes us look like non-experts. According to one measure, 80% of B2B buyers said they will only buy from a rep they feel is an expert.

The knee jerk reaction might be; the more time I’m writing, the less time I’m talking to prospects. You must find a perfect balance. They are both important. In 2023, with the emergence of powerful LLMs, finding that perfect balance just got way easier. Storied’s voice-to-writing allows salespeople to quickly synthesize their ideas and get written output that is coherent and in the format they need (document, email, instant message, blog post, status report, script).

These examples demonstrate how Storied’s voice-to-writing is a tool that makes you clearer and faster across many different activities while creating the writing that presents you as the expert you are.

Storied’s voice-to-writing can help anyone get to clear thinking and deliver clear communication. The versatility of the modern sales role makes it an ideal job to take advantage of those benefits. Think more clearly with great questions, communicate more clearly with the AI-generated written output, and destroy your revenue targets quarter after quarter.

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