How to be indispensable

Sean was my oracle.

Growing up, he was my friend's older brother. He was an amazing bagpiper, had a beautiful girlfriend, worked on Wall Street… and believed in me. To me, everything Sean said was pure gold, including this:

‘observe the things at work that nobody wants to do and do those things every day. You’ll become indispensable.'

I took that lesson to heart and found something nobody wanted to do; take meeting notes and send out a recap. I did that a lot in my early 20’s, but another mentor of mine eventually pointed out that I wasn’t adding much value.


This mentor taught me that meeting notes are meant to ‘synthesize the themes, bring in external pieces of information, build a narrative, and make it usable.’ That requires context and judgment. Meeting notes aren’t just about what was said; they’re about synthesizing what matters. The relevant context, the key ideas, and clear articulation of what happens next.

This advice forced me to be a better listener during the meeting, and write meeting recaps that added a lot of value for the team.

You may not want to spend time creating a good meeting recap that can be shared with the other meeting participants, but it will make you indispensable.

At Storied, we believe three forces working together can result in high-quality and fast meeting recaps: the right series of questions, the human, and AI models.

So, this week we added Meeting Recap to our repository of custom starts that focuses on helping you quickly create value-added meeting recaps for both your team and future self.

Give it a shot, and share your success story with us ;)

FWIW I still admire Sean greatly, but for different reasons; a great father and husband, a brilliant thinker from economics and politics to personal growth… and, of course, still a great bagpiper :)

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