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Vnote helps people who have lots of ideas but not enough time to publish their work

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Vnote creates newsletter drafts, podcast plans, and more. Capture your ideas when you’re having a eureka moment and we’ll help you get 80% complete in minutes.

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Tim Reitsma is the host of the invisible conditions podcast. He heard about our tool and started using it to organize his work. Check out the attached click to hear how it helps him organize his ideas.

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Matt Ivey has lots of great ideas, but he sometimes struggles to convey them in a way that is easy to understand. As a solopreneur, he needs to be able to work on his own. Vnote has served as a regular thought-partner in his content creation process. The result is a thriving daily newsletter with thousands of readers.

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Alfonso Mendosa is a prolific podcaster in the Ed Tech space, but he used to shy away from Solo recordings because he struggled to find time to organize his content. That changed when he started to use Vnote. Listen in to here him describe his process.

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Utilize bullet points to elaborate on changes made within the original transcript.
Original transcript in case you want voice recorder mode
Reformatted as bullet points, etc
Add more to your doc with Describe changes

Rewrite as you need it

Choose from a list of formats or describe what you need.
Linkedin Articles
Blog Post
Podcast plan

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Share your content on your chosen platform using diverse approaches.
Export directly to LinkedIn
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